MIXTAPE: Mike Zombie – 20Greateen

Mike Zombie - 20Greateen

Mike Zombie – 20Greateen | Tune into Mike Zombie’s latest.
New Jersey-bred, Los Angeles-based producer Mike Zombie has released his full-length 20Greateen

While Mike is usually comfortable with handling things both from behind the boards and the mic, he calls on a few friends—Chill Moody, Ant Beale, P. Wright, and Cloudy Nueve—for the assist on a few tracks on the effort, entirely self-produced.

“The idea of actually putting out this tape literally came out of nowhere,” the multi-platinum beatmaker reveals of 20Greateen

“I knew I wanted to drop something on the date 6/09 because it’s my area code that I put on for and because it was the day of my hometown charity celebrity game. I really wanted to feed my fans […] The creative process was free and sporadic.”

Mike Zombie – 20Greateen Tracklist

Mike Zombie – God Almighty 

Mike Zombie – 20GRATEEN

Mike Zombie – Goodx2

Mike Zombie – Don’t Count On Me

Mike Zombie – One job (Ft. Wright) 

Mike Zombie – Glory Day

Mike Zombie – Sinister (Ft. Chill Moody) 

Mike Zombie – No Autopsy 

Mike Zombie – No Love (Ft Ant Beale) 

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